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Hello! My name is Michael Henderson and I am the proud owner of (VOS) – the PREMIERE information site serving the Las Vegas and worldwide GLBT traveling community. Thank you for taking your valuable time to review our information. I am available to answer any questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

About (VOS) was established to be a “sole source” information site for everyone. Other sites do exists; however, they offer limited information, target only specific areas, or lack the professional design a business would consider for advertising. The internet visitor finds him/herself having to jump all around to get all the information they desire. NOW they have ONE click and ONE site to find it all! VOS is positioned to handle over one million hits per day! ONE MILLION?!?! How did we come up with that figure? It’s quite simple. We will be advertising in the five major magazines targeted at the worldwide GLBT community along with a listing in every major Internet search engine. These are just the initial marketing deployments – more advertising venues may be added in the near future as business expands. The combined readership of just the five magazines selected exceeds 2.5 million readers! How would it impact you if even 5% of that group (125,000) visited your web site or utilized your business?

What does offer?
We have a complete range of informational resources to serve the needs of the local Las Vegas residents and visitors alike. The site content includes information on: bars, calendar, chat, classifieds, community resources, dining, hot deals, local events, lodging, shopping, shows, transportation, and MORE! Our visitors can quickly and easily find out about your services or business, go to your web page, get a coupon to patronize your business, and make travel arrangements and reservations. We believe in our community and support it! 20% of our site is dedicated at no cost to distributing vital community non-profit information.

Demystifying the Internet – Demographics
The Internet demographics are incredible! Over 84.8 million Americans have Internet access and go online [Merrill Lynch and USIC, Feb 2001]. Internationally over 580 BILLION people use the Internet []. How many do you think surf the web for information on Las Vegas?

Can benefit your business? YES!
Just like the old adage about opening a business – it’s all about location, location, location. Your advertising dollars are very valuable to you and you want to utilize them in the best manner possible ensuring the greatest return for your investment. Many advertising venues exist – what are your options? Evaluate the following – which is reasonably the better deal?

Television advertising – local and nationwide markets – prices can exceed $3,000 a month
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Radio advertising – local and nationwide markets – prices can exceed $3,000 a month
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Print media advertising – limited geographical market – prices can exceed $1,500 a month
Available only by subscription or if the reader is at your selected distribution locations

VOS Internet advertising – WORLDWIDE – 24 / 7 / 365 – available to over 2.5 million magazine readers AND 580 BILLION Internet users at VERY affordable rates!!!