The Best Tourist Destinations In Las Vegas

One of the highlights of Las Vegas is Fremont Street, located in the center of Downtown. This pedestrian walkway was home to the city’s first casinos, long before the arrival of major casinos and majestic luxury hotels. A stroll on this avenue will allow travelers to discover a unique experience. In fact, above this boulevard, a giant dome has been built, spanning nearly 460 m in length. On the walls of this structure are installed screens where American films of the 20s, visual and musical shows, a spectacle all the more accentuated in the evening.

The Strip, One of The Flagship Boulevards Of Las Vegas

One of the famous destinations not to be missed while staying in Las Vegas is the Strip. This 6.7 km long boulevard is one of the city’s major sights, and here we have the most beautiful memories of a visit to Las Vegas. This avenue is bordered on both sides by the largest hotels, casinos, and commercial precincts in the world. Several shows attracting millions of vacationers are major events there every year. There are, for example, the cabarets of many world-famous singers like Celine Dion and Britney Spears as well as circuses with acrobatics and various numbers. Note that the Strip is traveled by free shuttles that make short trips on a portion of the boulevard.

Las Vegas Themed Hotels

The Las Vegas hotel establishments deserve special attention on their own. These types of accommodations are as extravagant as each other. They are distinguished by their unique architecture, some of which are inspired by famous monuments from around the world. Among other things, there is a replica of France’s flagship sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe. There is also the Giza sphinx, one of the ancient remains of Egypt. One of the hotels stands out with almost perfect reproduction of Venice, the city above the water with its canal and its gondolas.

Red Rock Canyon Another Facet Of Las Vegas

World-famous for its numerous casinos, its unusual hotels, and its commercial precincts, the city of Las Vegas has a whole other attraction, which has also contributed to its fame, its natural heritage. This gaming capital is home to a prehistoric site that attracts over a million tourists each year, the Red Rock Canyon. This valley would have been occupied by Amerindians, as evidenced by the petroglyphs found on the spot, similar to those of ToroMuerto, a site to discover during a Peru tour. Besides, the region harbors a fauna typical of the Mojaves desert. There are nearly 100 species of birds, including the great geocoucou, the Red-flanked tohi, the Cooper’s hawk, and the Colin de Gambel. Several reptiles and amphibians are also present, namely the Woodhouse Toad and the Ouaouaron.