Anyone who travels to Las Vegas has this question: Which hotel to choose?

Faced with many hotels, each more incredible than the other, the choice is not apparent. We thought that this subject could be interesting. Determining which Las Vegas hotel is the best is not easy, as several criteria come into play, and some are subjective. So, we did the job for you, we took into consideration what tourists search the most, and we did a little research. Besides the enormous choice, we managed to pick the best of the best. Let’s discover what we have prepared for you, shall we?

The Criteria to Be Considered

  • the location
  • the external beauty (subjective)
  • interior architecture (subjective)
  • rooms: size, decoration
  • hotel infrastructure: casino, swimming pool, bars-restaurants, shows, Spa, entertainment for children, night clubs, etc.
  • cleanliness of the establishment and dilapidated
  • service: concierge, shuttles, cleaning

We ignore the price criterion because the objective of the article is not the ranking of the hotels with the best price-quality ratio (the classification on Tripadvisor is more accurate from this point of view there.

Finally, another criterion that makes this classification somewhat subjective is the age of the travelers and their family situation: it is inevitable that a retired couple will not have the same expectations as a young single man, nor that a couple with or without children, or newlyweds.

So we tried to give a ranking of the five best hotels in Las Vegas.

The Cosmopolitan

This hotel has the advantage of being very new (inaugurated in 2010), with a central location on the strip. The Cosmopolitan is one of the only hotels in Las Vegas to offer a balcony for every room. Its “buffet” has an excellent reputation.

The Caesars Palace

The most mythical hotel in Las Vegas, according to the movies that took place filming here. The architecture of Roman inspiration is breathtaking. One of the best casinos in Las Vegas, the shops of the Forum Shops, and the concerts at the Colosseum make it a must in Las Vegas.

The Wynn and Encore Complex

The word “luxury” often comes up when talking about this hotel complex. The Encore Tower is the newest addition to the complex, and the most luxurious, it was inaugurated in December 2008. Another unique feature is the Wynn Golf and Country Club.

The Venetian-Palazzo Complex

You must experience the Venetian atmosphere, the size of the rooms (suites with a lounge below), its casino, shopping mall (The Grand Canal shops). The Palazzo is the most luxurious extension of the Venetian and inaugurated in 2008.

The Bellagio

Its central location on the strip, its Italian architecture, its refinement, and especially the spectacle of the fountains! The Bellagio is our favorite hotel, we have already talked about it in our article: all about the Bellagio hotel.