Knowing that Las Vegas is a fascinating city is not news for anyone. In addition to the creativity, luxury, and fun that are registered trademarks of the town, I share here with you a list of curious facts that only confirm what we already know: Las Vegas is the most original place in the world.


  1. Las Vegas artificial fountains and lakes use “gray water,” that is, water from kitchen and bathroom drains, which are again in use after a simple purification process.
  2. For this reason, in addition to other enormous efforts of the city to achieve better conservation of its environmental resources, Las Vegas was named in 2010 “the city of the United States that uses water more intelligently.”
  3. The chocolate fountain of Jean-Philippe Patisserie, at Hotel Bellagio, holds the Guinness Record for being the largest chocolate fountain in the world. It measures more than eight meters high and allows the circulation of 950 kilos of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. Is your mouth watering already?
  4. The Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on the planet if you look at Earth from outer space.
  5. It is that if we aligned all the neon lights of the Strip, we would create a path of 24,140 kilometers long!
  6. Elvis performed 837 consecutive shows in full at the International Hotel, between 1969 and 1977 (the year of his death). The name of the show was Vegas Elvis and raised $ 125,000 per week. This show was a milestone in the history of Las Vegas because, until then, the entertainment had been conceived as a strategy to attract audiences to the casinos. With Vegas Elvis, the business was now growing as an industry.
  7. Beginning in 1951, tourists going to Las Vegas could witness a unique show: The explosion of nuclear bombs! It is that 100 kilometers from the city were the Nevada Test Site, where the US Department of Energy experimented with nuclear weapons. Thus, tourists could witness the many mushroom-shaped clouds, while tasting “atomic cocktails” or participating in events such as “Bomb parties at sunset” or the beauty contest “Miss Atomic Energy.” The last of the explosions occurred in 1962.
  8. The first resort that allowed coexistence between whites and African Americans was the Moulin Rouge Hotel-Casino, which opened in 1955. Not only could American citizens with African roots enter here, who were prohibited from entering the rest of the Strip, but also jobs with greater visibility and importance and better pay were offered to this part of the population.
  9. The iconic welcome sign “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” was designed in 1959 by a woman, Betty Willis, who considered it a gift for the city and refused to claim rights, so it remains in the public domain.
  10. In the sixties, the Horseshoe Club put a million dollars in cash – on $ 10,000 bills – inside a giant armored glass horseshoe. The structure measured more than two and a half meters, weighed 907 kilos and gained popularity by an average of 600 tourists per day, who died by posing next to a million dollars.
  11. Of the 25 largest hotels in the world, 17 are in Las Vegas! Including the Venetian / The Palazzo, The Signature at the MGM Grand and the City Center, which hold nothing more and nothing less than the second, third, and fourth place in the ranking.
  12. At 350 meters high, the Stratosphere Las Vegas Tower is the tallest observation building in the United States.
  13. Billionaire Howard Hughes is a significant figure in the history of Las Vegas. He arrived in the city on the night of Thanksgiving 1966 and stayed at the Desert Inn. After a few weeks, however, he was asked to vacate the penthouse because many visitors were coming to celebrate the New Year. He refused to do so and instead decided to buy the entire hotel for thirteen million dollars!