The so-called “World Capital of Entertainment” or “Sin City” is the city of all fantasies. And when we are there, we understand better why. The capital of Nevada is known for its casinos and hectic nightlife. You are here in the realm of gambling and entertainment. And entertainment, Las Vegas has to sell. The choice is so plethoric that it can be easy to get lost, but you are lucky, we have concocted a list of things you should not miss.

Start The Day In The Arts District & Taste The Charms Of Local Culture

Las Vegas is a city mainly focused on tourism, so it is quite challenging finding something that makes a local color. The arts district (or “Arts District”) is one of them. Located around East Charleston Boulevard, near the Las Vegas Freeway, it is a place showcasing the theater and the arts of the region, some works even leaving independent galleries to be displayed on the street. It is one of the most colorful districts of the city, thanks in particular to its impressive frescoes which decorate many walls. Be sure to visit the Arts Factory, which brings together a range of excellent restaurants and shops.

Immerse Yourself In The History Of The City – From Dinosaurs To Organized Crime

To say that Las Vegas has had a turbulent past is a mild euphemism. Soak up its history by visiting the various museums located a few blocks north of the city center. Start at the Natural History Museum in Las Vegas to discover the prehistoric animals that once lived in the area. Then head south on North Las Vegas Boulevard to join the Neon Museum. Here, you can admire the old Las Vegas signs that lit the Strip from the 1930s to the recent past. Finally, explore the dark side of the city of sin by visiting the Mob Museum dedicated to the history of organized crime in the United States.

Play A Game Of Golf, Discover An Enchanting World Just Steps From The Strip

Being an upscale vacation destination, Las Vegas naturally has several golf courses. There are nearly 70 offering varied landscapes of deserts, mountains, parks, and other dunes. The Bali Hai Golf Club is one of the best. It is located near the legendary “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on South Las Vegas Boulevard. Designed to reproduce the enchanting world of the Indonesian island that it bears its name, this Par 71 course has unique features, including green on an island at the 16th hole.

Enjoy A Buffet In Las Vegas – Quality Dishes At Will

Gastronomy is excellent in Las Vegas; you have to see it (and taste it) to believe it. Meals, in particular, stand out clearly from all the dining options available to you. Among the best of them is the Wicked Spoon buffet at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which offers delicious Italian and Asian specialties. The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is not to be outdone and certainly provides the most comprehensive choice possible, with more than 500 dishes concocted each day, including vegetarian and gluten-free specialties. To satisfy your cravings, go to The Buffet at Wynn and discover its impressive chocolate fountain.

Climb The High Roller, One of The Tallest Wheels In The World

Culminating at 167 meters in height, the High Roller offers, without a doubt, one of the most impressive views of the Strip and much of Las Vegas. It takes about 30 minutes for each of the 28 nacelles to complete a complete turn. They can accommodate up to 40 people each, and for a surcharge on the regular fare, a personal bartender can join you. If the experience tempts you, consider going to the toilet before boarding, as there is none inside.

Stratosphere Hotel

Jump into the void at the top of the Stratosphere hotel, or enjoy the view from its revolving restaurant. With 350 meters in height, the Stratosphere tower is one of the tallest observation towers in the Western Hemisphere. Enjoy the view at the top with a delicious meal at the revolving restaurant, or enjoy a unique SkyJump experience. Probably the scariest of the four thrill rides on-site, this is a controlled jump, like a bungee jump, where you’ll reach 65 km / h before landing on the ground.

Admire The Fountains of Bellagio – A Mythical And Free Show On The Strip

The ballet of the water fountains of the Bellagio fountains is as emblematic of Las Vegas as its distinguished panel that welcomes you. More than 1,200 jets spread over the 3.20-hectare artificial freshwater lake spray water more than 140 meters high to the rhythm of the songs played in the background, ranging from “Viva Las Vegas” to Elvis Presley in “My Heart Will Go On” by CĂ©line Dion. Except in case of unusual weather conditions, this show takes place every 30 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes after sunset.

Must-See: Cirque du Soleil

In particular, the show “O” at Bellagio. The famous troupe of acrobats offers several shows throughout Las Vegas, but O is undoubtedly the most extraordinary. For a moment, the Bellagio’s specially arranged stage is transformed into a 5,700-cubic-meter swimming pool, the impressive acrobatic show giving way to a breathtaking synchronized swimming number. Bringing together no less than 85 incredibly talented artists, including former Olympic athletes.

Discover Fremont Street – Fly Over The Crowd In Zip Line

To put it, Fremont Street was a bit like the Strip before the Strip came into being. Part of the street was nicknamed the “Glitter Gulch” because of the many bright signs in the casinos there. The Fremont Street Experience, a covered pedestrian walkway that spans the five blocks to the west, encompasses the “Gulch”. Its impressive giant screen that stands above casinos, bars and restaurants, creates an amicable atmosphere. If you wish, you can go down the street like a superhero while flying over passersby with the zip line SlotZilla.