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The #1 Law Firm of Choice for Las Vegas Gay and Lesbian “Family”

Serving more “Family” clients than any other Attorney in Southern Nevada!

At Salas and McQuigg  we offer a Full Line Of Legal Services 

For Traditional And Alternative Families specializing in Estate Planning and Probate,

 Real Estate, Civil Litigation, and Business Law–also, ALL Criminal Matters.

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Our goal is to assist you & your family solve whatever problem you are facing. We believe in preventive law to include planning ahead, preparing legal documents correctly, understanding the legal aspects of certain situations & mediating legal disputes when they arise.

          Our Services Include:

  • Estate Planning – Wills,  Living Trusts, Health Care, Documents, Powers of Attorney, Nevada Offshore Trusts and Probate.

  • Real Estate – Disputes Involving Purchase, Sale, and Ownership of Property.

  • ALL Criminal Matters – State and Federal, Felony and Misdemeanor, Felony Trials, Juvenile Matters, D.U.I.s., Sealing of Criminal Records.

  • Civil Litigation – Personal Injury, Business Disputes

  • Business Law – Incorporation, Partnership Agreements, LLC Formation and Maintenance, Buy-Sell Agreements, Licensing,  and Business Dissolution Agreements.

  • Asset Protection – Practical Asset Protection Strategies, Nevada Offshore Trusts.

  • Certain Family Law Matters – Mediation, Name Change, Cohabitation Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements,  UN-contested Divorce, and Real Property Ownership Agreements for a Residential, Investment Property, or other.